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Transforming - It's Not Just for Optimus Prime

Visit for more. Throughout our lives, we are constantly changing. These changes help us learn, help us grow, help us mature, and help us succeed. As social, storytelling animals, human beings are adapt at fabricating reality with each other, and also within ourselves. Why we change and how we change is based largely on the roles we play, roles we want to play, and groups we choose to belong to. In other words… by putting ourselves into a new role, we can

Jack Bauer Consulting - Human Behavior Lessons from Terrorism Analysis

In eight years, or 192 hours, Agent Jack Bauer has responded to eight terrorist attacks. Now that he has entered retirement, Agent Bauer is looking for a little supplemental income and is starting a consulting business. (Note: for those not familiar with the series “24,” please binge watch it on your favorite video streaming service). Most of our organizations may not have a need for a consultant that can shoot well or get answers using pain compliance. However, Jack can te

Change the Lens - Managing Capacity by Leading People

Complex industries depend on human beings for success. This conflicts with some policies and procedures that are written as if people are the problem. In reality, if we want to influence how people behave in an organization, we need to influence the capacities of that organization. Capacities may include safety, collaboration, communication, customer service, marketing, or many other areas where people and resources are needed to accomplish a task. Capacity can be thought

The Human Machine – Our Interface with the World is Special

Frederick Taylor created the concept of “scientific management” where he thought the tasks of workers could be analyzed so that the best way to do a task could be found. The theory was that this would result in a higher level of work production. We have been living with this concept since then. This theory may work for simple tasks; however, it fails to provide for the behavior of human beings that get work done. Today, we are not that much unlike our cave-dwelling, huntin

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