Jack Bauer Consulting - Human Behavior Lessons from Terrorism Analysis

In eight years, or 192 hours, Agent Jack Bauer has responded to eight terrorist attacks. Now that he has entered retirement, Agent Bauer is looking for a little supplemental income and is starting a consulting business. (Note: for those not familiar with the series “24,” please binge watch it on your favorite video streaming service). Most of our organizations may not have a need for a consultant that can shoot well or get answers using pain compliance. However, Jack can te

Steeling Paper - Bridging Communication Gaps: A Lesson from the United Steelworkers

I was driving into work this morning, I listened to the “Pre-Accident Investigations” podcast by Todd Conklin. In episode 134, Mr. Conklin interviews Mr. Mike Wright, the Director of Health, Safety, and Environment for the United Steelworkers. (Note: It is a great episode and covers concepts about the “New View” of safety where workers are considered the solution. I highly recommend the episode, and the entire podcast for that matter.) Although a lot of ideas jumped out at

The Human Machine – Our Interface with the World is Special

Frederick Taylor created the concept of “scientific management” where he thought the tasks of workers could be analyzed so that the best way to do a task could be found. The theory was that this would result in a higher level of work production. We have been living with this concept since then. This theory may work for simple tasks; however, it fails to provide for the behavior of human beings that get work done. Today, we are not that much unlike our cave-dwelling, huntin

Who are you?

Who are you? What makes you tick? How do you know when you are doing the right thing? The answers to all of these questions are based on the identities that you store within you. You use identities constantly. Let's look at a quick example to help get on the same page... Imagine that a salesperson arrives at a restaurant to speak with a local business owner. Who do you think will pay the bill? Can you imagine what the two people in our story are wearing? Do you have any