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Transforming - It's Not Just for Optimus Prime

Visit for more. Throughout our lives, we are constantly changing. These changes help us learn, help us grow, help us mature, and help us succeed. As social, storytelling animals, human beings are adapt at fabricating reality with each other, and also within ourselves. Why we change and how we change is based largely on the roles we play, roles we want to play, and groups we choose to belong to. In other words… by putting ourselves into a new role, we can

Safety Decision-Making – The Hive Can Fight!

Bloomberg released an article last month that the bee population is recovering after years of decline. Interestingly, bees are social animals, just like we are. One advantage to bees being social and living in hives is they can share defensive duties including protection of the hive, brood (baby bees for lack of a better term), and food. Bees can sting, give audio warnings, create barriers, and even using their wings to create air flow that keeps attackers out of the hive.

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