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April 2, 2019

It is important for us to consider where we are coming from when we communicate with other people.

For example, imagine a supervisor having a conversation with a worker. The worker has made a mistake that the supervisor needs to address. The supervisor starts the conver...

November 20, 2018

A mindset shift can help us deal with anxiety. A lot of anxiety comes from the negative stories we tell ourselves. We need to establish a new mindset and put on a new lens. Trust yourself and take action.

November 19, 2018

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Throughout our lives, we are constantly changing. These changes help us learn, help us grow, help us mature, and help us succeed.

As social, storytelling animals, human beings are adapt at fabricating reality with each other, and also...

December 15, 2017

In the book I am writing on Identity-Based Behavior, I talk about James Otis.

What?  You’ve never heard of James Otis.  I had not either.

Otis was an attorney in Boston and had a role to play in this country’s independence.  Otis was an interesting fellow.  He was b...

November 29, 2017

The Phalanx is a close formation of warriors made famous, at least in my mind, by the movie 300.  The Spartans would form up densely in close ranks and interlock their shields, which made their ranks difficult to penetrate.  There is also an example in the movie Gladia...